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Subfertility is a stressful experience for many couples. You may feel alone, or have difficulty trying to cope with problems associated with childlessness. There are times when a couple or individuals need help to work through these emotions and it is at these times that you can turn to us for support. The idea of counselling is to give individuals the strength and resources needed to cope with the stress infertility and its treatment can cause.

Counselling may be appropriate at any time before, during or after embarking on fertility treatment. The number of counselling sessions depends on your needs

'SHARE' @ St Jude's

SHARE (Support, Help, Advice, Reassurance, Empathy) @ St Jude's is a forum to provide support for couples and ladies throughout their TTC journey. SHARE @ St Jude's allows patients to interact and share experiences so they know they not alone. Meetings are held in the clinic, but can also be organised via webcam (Zoom) so participants can engage from the comfort and privacy of their homes.
For details of support group meetings, please email:

Prayer line

In addition to the above forms of support, we also offer spiritual support through PRAYERS. If you would like to avail yourself of this form of support please e-mail requests to our prayer team leader, Mrs Ada Adeghe, at We can pray with you by video call, or send you written materials. Please let us know.