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We hope our story will encourage others. Our Little miracle is here, Thanks to St Jude's.


She is Emmie Victoria Jude

We first started our journey to parenthood not long after we got married and tried naturally for around 1.5 years but nothing seemed to work having pcos didn’t help as my periods were challenging to say the least, the monthly testing had become a day we dreaded each month as it seemed like everyone around us was conceiving with no effort . So we went for initial testing via the nhs in which no issues with either of us were found, so we were given 7 rounds of clomid (a drug that increases the amount of eggs you produce), but none of these worked for us. We’d talked about IVF as an option for a long time and had looked into St Judes as we’d been recommended and knew that you weren’t judged on your bmi (my Achilles heel). So we decided to treat ourselves to a holiday to relax before our consultation discussion in December 2017.

From our first visit assessing our suitability to being discharged with a 6 week old embryo in Jan 2019 we were treated like individuals, with the most caring and compassionate staff who made it feel like we were being treated by family not a strange medical team. Mr Adeghe and the team carried out more tests including a hysteroscopy (to get my environment ready for extraction and implantation), and we were given the go ahead for our first round . Fast forward to Good Friday 2018 and it’s collection day, with an  outcome of 9 eggs being fertilised of which 7 were good enough to use, so Easter Monday our first 2 embryos were implanted and the other 5 safely kept in the freezer (in case we needed them again - we were hopeful that this would work for us first time). The elation after 2 weeks when the test confirmed that we were pregnant was incredible and we knew that we’d made the right decision to go to the clinic for our test as the support from the team was like sharing it with family , however this wasn’t to be our success story as at our 6 week scan no heartbeats could be found. We talked through our options with the team and decided to go ahead with a frozen transfer in the summer of 2018 (Mr Adeghe advised us to have a few months off to get mentally ready again - and we’d totally recommend that even though you just want to keep going- you need the time to grieve and process what’s happened ) . Sadly our first frozen cycle (implanting another 2 embryos ) didn’t even get past the starting line - no Pregnancy, but we’d started to talk to the team about a test for NK cells (natural killer cells) which can be present in your womb and can reject embryos either from implantation or fertilisation (i had a form of e.coli as a toddler and there were cases linking the 2) . So with the support of Mr Adeghe and the team we followed through with this blood test and the results showed that I did have raised levels . So for our final cycle (all eggs had either been used or were defrosted) as well as progesterone pessaries and estrogen, I also had progesterone injections and steroids and our 2 strongest embryos were implanted into me Christmas Eve 2018, we surrounded ourselves with positivity and hoped that this attempt would give us the best present we could have ever wished for !
2 weeks later we made our way to the clinic and the nerves were stronger than ever (I don’t think we actually spoke on the way there), and our dreams came true we were pregnant with a much stronger result than the first time so we left the clinic excited but obviously apprehensive for the elusive scan at 6 weeks . At our 6 week scan we saw our baby’s heartbeat and it was the best moment we had ever experienced - there was our baby. We unfortunately suffered a bleed the day after but the team managed to slot me in for a scan to check all was still ok and it was, this baby was a fighter (we think I lost the twin and that caused the bleeding) . Throughout the pregnancy we kept in touch with all the team at each of the major milestones and sometimes just calling them to share our development !

Our little Miracle Emmie Victoria Jude was born on Tuesday September 3 at Birmingham woman’s hospital by Caesarean section and she has made us smile everyday since. We are grateful for the medical care, love and support that we received from all the team - you truly are miracle workers and Emmie will learn all about you as she grows and will be in for visits! The picture is Emmie Christmas Eve 2019(1 year to the day of implantation).



Letter of Gratitude and Recommendation

Re: Letter of Gratitude and Recommendation - 16/1/19


As I am writing this letter, my daughter recently turned 3 and the only reason is of Dr Adeghe, his services and team involved. I know it has taken me 3 years to write this letter but I will say I have never forgotten you.
Just briefly my story, I have blocked fallopian tubes and was told I needed IVF to conceive. I was very scared of the whole process and didn't know what to do.
I contacted Dr Adeghe and he was ace. He made me feel very comfortable and said that whenever I was ready to proceed to let him know. So when I was ready I contacted him and we started the process.
The process was very smooth, quick and fairly easy. Everything was explained to me clearly and was given support by all the staff.
Low and behold, I was finally pregnant after 8 years and to top it off I was pregnant with twins. Unfortunately one twin did not survive the whole pregnancy but I am more than happy with my little girl. We called her Khushi.
I will be back to visit Dr Adeghe when I am ready again and I have frozen embryos. But what I would like to say is from the bottom of my heart that if anyone is deciding to through to IVF than Dr Adeghe will really make you feel at ease and comfortable with the whole process.
Just to mention I initially went through the NHS and pulled away from there as I did not get the same comfort or advice from them. There is a huge difference between the two.

Thank you for your care, advice, knowledge and friendship.... You are a very special person Dr A

Dear Dr Adeghe,

Words are not really enough to express our Thanks for all you have done for us.
Thank you for help making our dreams come true.
Thank you for not giving up on us and always believng we'd finally get the right result.
Thank you for your care, advice, knowledge and friendship over the past 5 years.
You are a very special person Dr A !
We are still overwhelmed and are feeling very blessed.
We'll keep in touch.
We'll see you later in the year for a very special visit.
With much love,

Nik & A


Another miracle from St Jude's

Dear Mr Adeghe and Team

We are very proud to announce the birth of George ……………... He was born on 2nd January and weighed 7lb 12oz. He was 13 days late and had to be induced in the end. He's a beautiful, clever little boy who well loved by all, especially by his ecstatic mommy and daddy. We spend hours in the day and night just cuddling and staring at him in wonder.

This would not have been possible without you and your team. Words cannot express our gratitude. Thank you so much!

George means the whole world to us and life before he came along now seems so dull and empty.

I apologise for not informing you sooner. He wasnt very well when he was first born and we had to stay in hospital for a while. Since being home, I haven't had the chance to really spend the time to put this email together. He is fast asleep on my shoulder, milk drunk , as I type!

Dear Dr Adeghe, Kay and the team

Just wanted to follow up from the telephone message I left advising of the safe arrival of baby Joseph George on 9th March 2013 weighing in at just under 10lbs !!
You will remember me from treatment back in May/June 2012 where my partner and I underwent IVF at St Judes as we so badly wanted a second child and sibling for our daughter. I was very doubtful of our chances of success as I was 42 when we started treatment with you and would be 43 at the point of birth. I had read and read so many sad stories for women at my age (and of course younger) but we resolved to give it one shot and then if not successful take some piece of mind from the fact that we had tried.
I found you by chance on the internet as we were not local. Something made me contact you and the rest is history. You never gave me false hope but you also were positive that things could work for us. your approach was warm and caring and visits with you felt like meeting friends. I cannot believe how flexible you were about appointment times. youdefinately fitted around us rather than the other way round.
I had a friend who was undergoing treatment elsewhere and I told her how you would give a hug at appointments. She said her consultant just eyed her nervously. I think thats the difference between St Judes and other clinics.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your expertise and skilful treatment. I look at my 5 week old baby boy who is in the best of health and I still feel I should pinch myself. Success on my 1st ivf at 42...incredible.
I know how much effort you put into trying to achieve success for your patients. I hope you might put this in your book or up in your waiting room so that others and particularly older ladies can take some hope from my success and realise you dont need to go to London clinics to get the best treatment.
I will send a photo of Joseph in due course. Sorry for the delay in contacting you but the birth was traumatic and I was unwell after. Im fine now though.
Thank you , thank you and keep up the good work. Sending kindest regards and warm wishes to you all
love from


Hello all

I just wanted to post to give heart to those on the TTC journey.

By God's grace, I have just had the 12 week scan today and the baby is doing great! I was TTC for five years issues included possible PCOS with me, and low sperm motility for DH.

We were refused on the NHS due to my BMI, and one horrible consultant at Solihull hospital told me I had 5% chance of conception even with IVF due to low ovarian reserves! Finally we took the plunge, going to St.Judes Women's hospital in Wolverhampton. We went ready for IVF, although terrified of the invasiveness of the procedure and the chances of failure.

Mr Jude Adgehe, soon put our minds at rest. He told us he was certain I would be a mother and since I was now ovulating well, he was sure we had a decent chance of success with IUI so we should try that before going down the IVF route. We agreed, and clomid (5 days) and one trigger injection followed. I.e. a very light protocol with just bloating for a side effect.

I had two mature follicles, and husband's sample was washed with motility of 85% and around 12 million good swimmers. We went away feeling great and soon two and half weeks later, I had experienced severe bloating, a bit nausea and breast tenderness. This continued well after the hct trigger would have worn off. I started to feel optimistic but terrified of POASing in case of disappointment.

Then the big day arrived, I self-tested a few days before the clinic appointment about 18 days post ovulation. The dark blue line on clear blue said it all, it was unmistakeable and me, DH and family were thrilled and so, so, so grateful to God and also to the excellent team at St.Judes who he chose as his instruments. I have passed the first milestone today, although keep me in your prayers as there are still six months to go. I cannot stress the importance of keeping faith and believing, even when it feels like everybody around is getting BFP's but you won't. YOU WILL!

Ladies, I would strongly suggest going to Jude and Kay at St.Judes in Wolverhampton. They are miracle workers, and will provide you a world class service, great personal warmth and friendship and excellent medical treatment.

They are simply the best, and I really mean that.